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Contact Flying Insect

Contact Flying Insect - Organic Insect Control

Product ID: 10500 KCP

Description: At last, residential and commercial facilities have a safe, non-toxic and effective way to deal with flying insects and pests that, until now, require dangerous and toxic pesticides. Contact is the new generation of non-toxic and non-poisonous pest treatment that provides immediate knock-down and long range barrier treatment. It works on a specific set of neurotransmitters that are only found in insects and is successful because it interrupts the neurotransmitters, thus disrupting the insect’s ability to function. It does this with safe, natural, food-grade compounds. Contact is completely safe for use around the entire family including pets, children and plants – thus making it the number one choice for schools, hospitals and nursing homes. It can be used anywhere the use of toxic poisons would be detrimental.
• Contains ALL NATURAL Plant and Botanical Extracts
• Contact Treatment with Quick Knock Down
• Non-Pesticidal and Non-Insecticidal
• Biodegradable and Eco-Friendly
• EPA Exempt
• Exempt from FIFRA (Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodentcide Act)
• Safe for Indoor and Outdoor Use
• Non-Toxic and Non-Poisonous For use on trash cans, dumpsters, compactors, recycling bins,
composting bins, bilge tanks, holding tanks, grease traps, lift stations, baseboards walls, drains, drain
lines, cracks and crevices.

Available In: 1 gallon jug (3.7 L), 5 gallon pails (20 L), and
55 gallon drums (208 L)

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