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Kish Concrete Products began in 2006 as one of Canada’s first distributors of reliable, effective and Earth-Friendly products to the Ready-Mix, Asphalt, Construction, Pre-Cast and Fleet Industries. Since that time, Kish Concrete Products turned its operations over to KCP Environmental Inc. While we still own the trade name and the brand, our legal operating name still remains KCP Environmental Inc.

Our corporate mandate continues to focus on providing the best available organic sustainable chemistry products for heavy industry and commercial needs.

Simply put, we offer “Sustainable Chemical Products with Proven Performance”.

Today, we manufacture and distribute the best available technology and products to our customers across Canada. Under our new product brand “KISH POWERCHEM”, we are the only Canadian company to offer a patented synthetic acid replacing traditional cleaning acids (Hydrochloric, Muriatic, Hydroflouric). These new acids safely and effectively remove concrete from equipment with zero VOC’s and other adverse effects to workers, equipment, and the environment.

As an industry leader, we have developed superior organic and sustainable Asphalt Release Agents, Concrete Removers and Truck Washes, Form Release Agents, Industrial Cleaners, Degreasers and Soaps all with superior benefits then traditional inorganic products with high acid or high alkaline properties. Our POWERCHEM line of products truly has our People, Environment, and Future in mind.

At KISH POWERCHEM we will back our product line with a “full money back guarantee” Our products outperform the competition and are made using sustainable chemistry, ensuring each product is either Biodegradable or Readily-Biodegradable. All KISH products meet or exceed regulatory and government product expectations and are built for Performance and for a Greener Environment.





We will preserve and build for tomorrow’s industry growth and generations to come.


We will follow through, be consistent, and protect our future.


We partner with your company to preserve your equipment, safety and the environment.


We adhere to federal, provincial, state and municipal regulatory and policy guidelines to ensure safety, compliance and performance.


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