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Breezeway Cleaner

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Breezeway Cleaner - Heavy Duty Cleaner and Degreaser

Product ID: 7045 KPC

Description: Breezeway Cleaner is an all-purpose, ultra-strong, biodegradable, non-flammable / nontoxic cleaner. It is recommended for quick and easy removal of greasy, oily and tarry soils, from all types of surfaces. It mixes readily with water and has excellent emulsification properties. It can be used for: Degreasing machinery, cleaning engines, agricultural equipment, aircraft maintenance, railroad shop operations, machine shop and metal working plant clean-up, oil refineries, shipyards and docks, removing oil, grease and tar from trucks, tank cars, tankers and barges, dispersing oil spills in water, cleaning of concrete drives and ramps, diesel locomotives, fifth wheels, transmissions, etc. It is also excellent for removal of Cosmoline. Safe on all metals.

Available In: 1 gallon jugs (3.7 L), 5 gallon pails (20 L), 55 gallon drums (208 L), and 275 gallon totes (1,045 L)

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