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X-Novoc - The World’s First and Only Patented Acid Replacement Technology

Product ID: 9260 KPC

Description: X-Novoc is the world’s first and only Patented synthetic acid made using Acid Replacement Technology (ART). X-Novoc is a synthetic acid that is 100% Biodegradable, Non-Corrosive, Non-Regulated, and a Non-Skin Irritant. ART has been used in the Concrete Industry to replace the harsh acids used to dissolve concrete. These harsh acids have posed a threat to our health, our equipment, and our environment. Developed and Patented by Peach State Laboratories, Acid Replacement Technology (ART) is compliant with EPA, OSHA, and DOT regulations.

Up to 10 times more effective then other industry products when dissolving calcium carbonate. Can be applied in temperatures up to -37 degrees Celsius. Non-corrosive and 100% synthetic!

Available In: 5 gallon pails (20 L), 55 gallon drums (208 L) and 275 gallon totes (1,045 L)

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