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Core 400

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Core 400 - Eliminates Asphalt Build-up and Protects Equipment

Product ID: 307622 KPC

Description: CORE-400 is the newest technology in asphalt release agents. Manufactured solely by Kish PowerChem, CORE-400 can be used to prevent both “standard” and “friction core” asphalt mixtures from adhering to truck beds and equipment. Tested as the best performing and highest dilution product on the market. NTPEP EVALUATED

State Approvals:

Alabama – List II-6
California – Meets Specs
Canada Meets Specs
Florida – Meets Specs
Georgia – QPL 39
North Carolina – APL Product ID#NP14-6779
South Carolina – QPL 17
Texas – 6410.7
Available In: 5 gallon pails (20L), 55 gallon drums (208L) and
275 gallon totes (1,045L)

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